This will be my first post. The purpose of this post for now is self-motivation and perhaps the motivation of others, for they certainly have motivated me in the past. I have had many mentors over time, from a helpful CFO, CIO, numerous CEOs, managers, directors, teachers, friends, and family. I also give credit to the celebrities and mass media that helped shape my speech over the years. I admire those who can connect and transform simple words and create something revolutionary: an idea, a direction, and even a revolution.

Directions: There are so many! I went from a purpose, to praising people I know, to revolutions!

One of my first foci is to find a job. I had one in reviewing complex files and comparing them to a near 500 page Administration Plan which is basically the translation of HUD rules by the Chicago Housing Authority and then by consultants. I think they feel that because they run a Section 8 program, the feel they can act like rowdy tenants in their approach to the program’s logic. The place is begging for automation because it has grown terribly complicated.

More to the point, my job has been migrated from one company to another, but the latter listens far less to some of its greatest visionaries. I feel the ideas are used and the individuals behind them are disregarded. I hope this fact changes along with the short 2 year contract situations created by CHA. I know this is esoteric to mention, but it was one of my major decisions for leaving. I want to be a part of a greater vision, but I will have to create it on my own now.

I had a vision, but is “had” appropriate? Absolutely not! I HAVE vision! It’s true because the word “have” is in caps! I want pieces of this great jigsaw puzzle to communicate. I can help. I will help!

Jeff Bridges mother on life: “Have fun and don’t take it too seriously.”